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    CAPS is an association that promotes professionalism, positive partnering opportunities and prosperity.

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    CAPS Vancouver and BC is a community of speakers, coaches, consultants - experts who speak on a wide variety of subjects.

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    Professional speaking is challenging and exciting but can also be isolating. Membership in CAPS offers you a forum, a connection, friendships and colleagues.

Welcome to CAPS Vancouver

Message from Our President

Kindi GillDear CAPS friends –

I want to wish you all a prosperous New Year, and send you heartfelt best wishes for 2018.

A new season always promises to bring loads of new opportunities which I hope each of you are excited to capitalize upon.  I intend to learn through increased personal growth in 2018, as I know being an entrepreneur requires me to take responsibility to constantly stretch out of existing comfort zones. This is why I love CAPS so much! Here I get to enjoy being in the company of my fellow colleagues who share, and inspire by having similar intentions for their lives too. I hope you love this atmosphere where we get to grow, share, learn and belong together.

We have a dynamic agenda for 2018 at CAPS, and we hope to see more of you at the regular meetings. I am thrilled at the line-up of fantastic speakers this year, starting with our own Mary Charleson CSP in January.

As I take on the role of President for 2018, I want to remind you that we are here to serve you. Thus, it is extremely important that we receive transparent and regular constructive feedback from our members, so that our stewardship feels meaningful and on target to you all.

Finally, I wish to thank Dale for her contribution as President for the last two years! You are a gentle soul that wants the best for everyone. Your softness has not gone unnoticed.   

Wishing everyone in the Vancouver and BC CAPS chapter the absolute best, and hoping to see many of your optimistic faces on January 20th.

Kindi Gill

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CAPS Vancouver seeks to enrich experts who speak professionally. Every one of our events is designed to provide you with inspiration and skills to acquire more expertise, develop greater eloquence, learn new tools for your enterprise, and/or practice CAPS ethics more professionally. All of this happens within the remarkably generous and welcoming community of practice that is the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.