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    CAPS Vancouver and BC is a community of speakers, coaches, consultants - experts who speak on a wide variety of subjects.

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    Professional speaking is challenging and exciting but can also be isolating. Membership in CAPS offers you a forum, a connection, friendships and colleagues.

Welcome to CAPS Vancouver


CAPS Convention 2017 site is now open. 

CAPS convention 2017

The CAPS Convention Team is seeking proposals – June 15th submission deadline. Read more.

Monday, May 29, 2017 at 6:00pm, Granville Island Hotel

Michelle Ray 3Building a Sustainable Speaking Business;
Rethink, Recreate and Remain Relevant

A workshop facilitated by Michelle Ray

Michelle believes that no entrepreneur can afford to luxuriate in complacency. Working “in” and “on” the business is essential to sustained success and while it’s important to be aware of your competitors, the “comparison trap” can be deadly. In order to survive …and thrive, speakers need to view themselves as proactive business owners first.

Read more and register NOW

PRE and POST Networking Opportunities
Monday, May 29th

DocksideMembers and guests are invited to join CAPS colleagues for dinner in advance of the May 29th  Speaker Event, “Building a Sustainable Speaking Business; Rethink, Recreate and Remain Relevant“.
After glow conversations will be held in the Dockside Lounge following the presentation.
Please contact
Kindi Gill

CAPS Members have the option of attending Chapter meetings, virtually.

CAPS Members living/working out of town are now able to register and attend Chapter meetings online.

An option for CAPS Members who do not live in the Lower Mainland or who are unable to attend due to personal conflicts.  Zoom video conferencing software is easy to schedule and works with mobile devices.

CAPS Speaker Event – Members only
Monday, June 19, 2017 at 8:30am – 12:00pm, Granville Island Hotel

kindi-gillDavid GouthroNew – Mastermind Meeting
Facilitated by Kindi Gill and David Gouthro

Collaboration.  CAPS members are invited to a Mastermind meeting, designed to discuss business challenges, pool group resources, support, assist and connect with colleagues.

Discussions are confidential; participants agree to participate respectfully.  Planned as an opportunity to share and exchange business know-how with seasoned experts.

Please contact Kindi Gill with questions.  Register HERE

CAPS Cares: Promoting Healthy Minds and Well-being

CAPS Peer Support Program – wants to hear voices in the community.

CAPS Cares David Gouthro

David Gouthro, a CAPS Care Advocate is reaching out to CAPS members, inviting speakers to participate in community events promoting well being.

A unique community outreach initiative – CAPS Chapters across Canada will contribute, encourage, inspire and promote soundness of body and mind.   Watch the video HERE

CAPS Speaker Event
Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 9:00am, Granville Island Hotel

Bill StaintonWhat I Learned from Winning 29 Emmys that Speakers Need to Know!
A workshop facilitated by Bill Stainton

Bill Stainton is a multiple Emmy Award-winning TV producer, writer, and performer; an author; and a business humorist. He blends the business smarts he learned from twenty years in corporate management with the show biz sparks he gleaned from working with people like Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jay Leno to create entertaining and enlightening presentations enjoyed by audiences around the world!

There are three elements to any presentation: the Structure, the Content, and the Delivery. Bill Stainton has won Emmy Awards as a producer (the structure), a writer (the content), and a performer (the delivery).

Find out how a 29-time Emmy Award winner applies the lessons he learned from the world of television (and from pals like Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jerry Seinfeld) to his presentations and how you can do the same.

Read more and register HERE

membershipOnline membership renewal.  CLICK HERE to renew

CAPS Vancouver seeks to enrich experts who speak professionally. Every one of our events is designed to provide you with inspiration and skills to acquire more expertise, develop greater eloquence, learn new tools for your enterprise, and/or practice CAPS ethics more professionally. All of this happens within the remarkably generous and welcoming community of practice that is the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.