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Welcome to CAPS Vancouver

Re-CAP of Saturday, February 18th Speaker Event
Suzanne F. Stevens

True to her word and her vivacious delivery, Suzanne’s YouMeWe: Lead tomorrow’s legacy today message was heard and felt and shared by CAPS members, guests and a number of ZOOM viewers from Vancouver Island and BC interior.   Captured in the moments…

Suzanne1 Group 1 Group 2

Suzanne3 Group 3






Group 4





Group 6

Group 5

Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 8:30am – 12:00pm
CAPS Speaker Event

GobinderGillHow to Prepare for a TEDx Talk
A workshop facilitated by Gobinder Gill.

Since the mid 1980’s Gobinder has worked in many facets of the media dealing with diversity issues.

He is a former researcher and reporter for CBC television, freelance writer for the Vancouver Sun and multicultural columnist for the Metro Valley Newspapers. As a journalist, he interviewed high profile personalities including Mother Teresa.

In 2013, he spoke at the TEDx Stanley Park in Vancouver (view HERE) Diversity: Evolution of the Unthinkable. As a program director for TEDx Stanley Park in 2015/16, he assisted in selecting and coaching speakers. READ MORE/REGISTER

TEDxStanley Park Tickets
SATURDAY, March 4, 2017

TEDxStanley ParkEvery year thousands attend the TEDxStanleyPark conference to listen to a series of short, high-impact talks.

Some learn and laugh. Some cringe and cry. All are inspired to take brave actions that move the needle toward a better world.

I am attending TEDxStanleyPark on March 4 and invite you to join me in my VIP row – ticket price is $127. Your ticket comes with five fun bonuses worth $265. This is not a typo! Yes, you’ll get 5 fun bonuses worth $265 for every VIP ticket you buy (subject to ticket availability).

Purchase tickets HERE

  1. Scroll down and click on the red GET YOUR TICKETS button
  2. Scroll to below the social media icons and click on the red GET TICKETS button
  3. Choose VIP ticket section, click on the drop,mdown arrow and choose the number of tickets you want
  4. Ignore the lunch options for now – I’ll get back to you about lunch in late February (my intention is to create a group of us and have lunch together)
  5. Under the New User tab (top right), enter your First Name, Last Name, Email and a Password
  6. In the Checkout, click on the “I have read and understand the TEDxStanleyPark terms and conditions” box
  7. Enter your credit card number, expiry date and CVV
  8. Click on Confirm Booking

A day or two after your purchase, you’ll receive an email from TEDxStanleyPark with further information about the conference and directions on how to claim your 5 bonuses.  Together we’ll be inspired to take brave actions that make our world a little better.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you.
Gobinder Gill

Wednesday, February 22, 2016 at 6:00-9:00pm EST
CAPS Ottawa Event

Have you ever faced a communications, marketing or IT challenge, and wondered, who can I get to help me solve this problem?  The Media Mall Hands-On Evening for CAPS could be your answer(s)!

CAPS Ottawa is hosting a really AMAZING event on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 and invites all CAPS Members (and guests) to join your Ottawa colleagues.  Members can participate FREE in person and on-line; guests are welcome to register for a small fee.

Media Mall

Media Mall is drawing back the curtain to give CAPS members the chance to explore its freshly renovated facility, meet the experts and test-drive many of their services.

Can’t come in person? Well then, join in the fun from afar. The presentations and some of the live demonstrations will be streamed online. Reserve your digital line soon – REGISTER HERE to take advantage of the off-the-chart value of this event. Get Juiced!

membershipOnline membership renewal.  CLICK HERE to renew

CAPS Vancouver seeks to enrich experts who speak professionally. Every one of our events is designed to provide you with inspiration and skills to acquire more expertise, develop greater eloquence, learn new tools for your enterprise, and/or practice CAPS ethics more professionally. All of this happens within the remarkably generous and welcoming community of practice that is the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.