President’s message

It was a dark and stormy night the evening my phone rang with a message that would change my professional life.

Over the past year, a small group of professional speakers had been driving from Vancouver to Seattle for meetings of the National Speakers Association. But now, they told me, Canada has developed a sister organization called the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, fondly known as CAPS.  Would I be interested in being involved in the start-up of a Vancouver chapter.

I was, and I did and that was fifteen years ago.

This year we will be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary by offering our members the best programming possible. The 2012 Board is committed to connecting all our local speakers, facilitators and coaches to the benefit of all.

That national theme for CAPS is Better Together and we, in CAPS Vancouver, do not see that we can improve on that. Our goal is to meet, work with and learn with CAPS members and potential members.

Professional speaking is challenging and exciting but can also be isolating. That’s where CAPS comes in. Membership in CAPS offers you a forum, a connection, friendships and colleagues. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you on this our fifteen anniversary year.

Our 2012 Board is: President Elect, Howard Olsen; Past President, Ron Grender; Program Chair, Adon Rigg; Treasurer, Patricia Lalonde; PR Chair, Mary Charleson; Communications Chair, Baraa Ali; Logistics Chair, Suzan Beattie; Membership Chair, Deborah Rossouw; Member at Large, Pam Paquet and myself Kathy Lynn who has the honour of being President of this esteemed group for 2012.

To join us, to attend our meetings, our Power Partner sessions or become a volunteer. We look forward to meeting you because we are certainly Better Together.

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