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Tools rust

As a member of CAPS, you have some great tools to help you build your business that from my observation, are vastly underused. What? How could that be?!? What are they? How do I access them? What are they good for?

I’ll focus on just one in this article . . . and perhaps some others in future newsletters–if you’d find that useful!

Your fellow CAPS members are full of great ideas that can help you build your business—the challenge is often figuring out how to connect with them. Much of the benefit of being a CAPS member is based on mutually beneficial personal (gasp!) personal relationships—and fortunately here is a very useful and easy to access tool to begin to establish them.

It’s simply the search feature on the CAPS Vancouver & BC website at http://capsvancouver.com and a similar one on the CAPS National website at http://www.canadianspeakers.org.

Although designed to help meeting planners find speakers on specific topics, these search tools provide a great way to find out what other members of the Vancouver & BC Chapter are all about so you can reach out to the ones with whom you would like to connect.

•  When you are on the Chapter website at http://capsvancouver.com, if you don’t enter any criteria in the search box and press the SEARCH button–it will bring up a list of all the current members in the Chapter and provide information on what they speak about (if they have filled out their profile, that is!).

•  If you specifically want to connect with someone who has similar expertise or works in similar industries, place those in the search field and then press SEARCH to find out which of our Vancouver & BC members fit your criteria. Those that match will then be displayed.

David Gouthro

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