David Greer

David Greer

1-on-'s and 2-on-1's...they all add up...many-2-many!

1-on-‘s and 2-on-1’s…they all add up…many-2-many!

Experiencing the NSA Influence 2016 conference in Phoenix was as educational as it was exponential – in meeting and connecting.  The conference was a hotbed of interactions, awards, collaborations and business engagements.  It was also hot.  104F  that’s 40C in “Canadian”! I’m home now…reminiscing with photos…adding connections to LinkedIn…and promoting […]

Make new friends and meet the old...

Make new friends and meet the old…

I had the pleasure of attending the National Speakers Association Influence 2016 in Phoenix, July 23-26.  I learned, I won, I met, I shared, I networked, I ate and drank and I learned some more.  Offering “brain -friendly” sessions and mastermind groups, there was no shortage of thinking or mind […]