1-on-'s and 2-on-1's...they all add up...many-2-many!

1-on-‘s and 2-on-1’s…they all add up…many-2-many!

Experiencing the NSA Influence 2016 conference in Phoenix was as educational as it was exponential – in meeting and connecting.  The conference was a hotbed of interactions, awards, collaborations and business engagements.  It was also hot.  104F  that’s 40C in “Canadian”! I’m home now…reminiscing with photos…adding connections to LinkedIn…and promoting […]

CAPS Renewal and Opportunities to Build Connections

Your CAPS Renewal is Here Time sure does fly, it’s May already. It also means renewal time. Last year CAPS National changed all renewal dates to April 1st and that’s coming up soon. If you’re wondering why you joined in the first place, here’s a refresher of the 4 cornerstones […]